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Ziah Fogel is a multi-disciplined producer, product manager, and technical artist with over twenty years of experience; specializing in storytelling, technology, games, augmented reality, animation, visual effects, photography, and cinematography.

Ziah studied Computer Science and Cinema Production at the University of Southern California, where she graduated in 2000, earning two degrees. Ziah then briefly served as a Technical Assistant at Industrial Light & Magic in San Rafael, CA before joining Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA as a Technical Director in 2001.

Ziah has over thirteen years experience as a technical director and supervisor for animated and visual effects films. She spent eight years at Pixar Animation Studios, where she worked on films such as Finding Nemo, The IncrediblesCars, Ratatouille, and Wall-E. She’s also supervised technical teams at both Framestore and Double Negative Visual Effects in London, and on the first ever feature animation movie in Argentina, Metegol.

Ziah transitioned her career into the tech world as a product manager in 2013,  where she first used her knowledge and skills to own the creation of visually stimulating, medically accurate computer graphics animations of surgical procedures as the Product Lead of Content at Touch Surgery.

Continuing her work on product, Ziah worked as a Senior Product Manager for Twilio, where she was responsible for the Twilio account console, where developers manage their accounts, configure their services, and build intelligent and complex communications systems.

Ziah then moved to a Senior Product Manager role working on Shotgun Software at Autodesk, where she was responsible for reporting & production analytics tools to help users gain insights and make better decisions based on their data across teams working on visual effects, animation, games, and other media.

In 2018, Ziah started at Niantic Labs as Senior Product Manager, where she focused on the platform used by all Niantic games, including Pokémon GO, Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and yet-to-be-released titles. Currently, Ziah is producing an unreleased game title at Niantic.

Throughout her career, Ziah has always enjoyed working on the cutting edge of technology and entertainment, with some of the most incredible people and most innovative companies in the world.

Ziah’s greatest assets are her management and organizational skills; her capacity to work well with all types of people; her ability to flourish in a fast-paced, high-stress environment; and her experience working in all different kinds of organizations and pipelines, which has taught her a great deal about delivering successful projects and products.

With her education and experience in cinema production and computer science, Ziah has both a great aesthetic sense and a keen technical ability, enabling her to bridge the gap between the artistic and the technical.

Ziah is deeply rooted in large-scale production and advanced technology. As part of her journey, she has developed a good understanding of the technologies and methodologies that can be used to drive projects to completion.

Ziah is excited about the opportunity to work with talented, creative, driven people and help shape the products and content of the future.

Ziah is also an amateur photographer – you can see her photos on Instagram.

You can see Ziah’s filmography on IMDB and her reel on Vimeo.

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